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Communicate instantly with patients in any language. Translated medical phrases covering history, physical exam, procedures, and reassessment in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Bengali, Filipino, Hindi, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, and more. And when needed, call medical interpreters with one click right from the app.

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Canopy News

Android launched!

android-wallpaper5_2560x1600_1We have been working tirelessly to bring Canopy to Android. Today, we are excited to announce that Canopy Medical Translator is officially on the Google Play Store! Go here to download the app. And as always, send us feedback either through the app, or to us directly to

Changing Languages in Canopy Medical Translator

Canopy Medical Translator change language screenWith the new design for Canopy Medical Translator released last week, changing languages is easier than ever. Now, the “Select Language” button is always located on the bottom, directly to the right of the “call interpreter” button. Tap to get access to over a dozen languages for download. See below.

Is Google Translate Safe for Medicine?

Is_Google_Translate_Safe_for_medicine (3)Google Translate enables healthcare providers to input English text and then retrieve translations in many languages to show patients. However, it is difficult to know the accuracy of these translations. To test this, we took English phrases from Canopy Medical Translator’s library of medical phrases, used Google Translate to translate them, and then used Google Continue Reading