Canopy speak

Unfortunately, of the millions of limited English proficient (LEP) patients in the United States only a fraction will receive language assistance service support for every clinical encounter. Canopy Speak was designed to overcome logistical difficulties inherent in accessing current language assistance tools. Accessible on smartphones and tablets, Speak enables clinicians to interact with language-minority patients using pre-translated phrases and questions for common, straightforward, routine communication. Additionally, a one-touch interpreter button connects the provider directly to the facility’s over-the-phone interpreter (OPI) line.



Interactive Phrase Library

Basic information exchange occurs daily on a massive scale. Despite everyones best intentions, many — (i.e.) the nurse who needs to regularly check-in on pain level or the OR anesthesiologist who wishes to tell a troubled patient post-op that the surgery went well — providers find themselves without language assistance at all points of contact. Meaningful communication in these scenarios is often absent for the patient. 

 The phrase library is the largest corpus of pre-translated medical phrases ever developed, organized by frequently encountered procedures and medical specialties, and available in text and audio in 15 languages. Use the phrases to (i.e.) break the ice with a patient before the interpreter arrives or for basic instruction for an exam during rounds.


Connect with Live Interpreters

We've heard time and again about the difficulties in reaching over-the-phone interpreters and we've tried to make the process less cumbersome. The "Call Interpreter" function provides a seamless channel directly to your facility's over-the-phone interpreter line. The days of searching for the dual handset phone are over!


Create & Share Custom Playlists

Create customized lists for quick, easy access to the phrases most important to you. You can even share them with your colleagues!