"The Perfect Storm" - A Recent White Paper from April 2015

Louis F. Provenzano, Jr. and Izabel E. T. de V. Souza (Arocha) have been advocating for limited-English-speaking patients for years. Their white paper, The Perfect Storm was released in April and is a powerful document. 

Capped hospital departmental budgets and the lack of reimbursement for interpretation services have slowed the incorporation of language access plans in healthcare. There are interpreters available for service, but they are often not available or are even called for healthcare encounters due to financial barriers, among other obstacles. This ever-growing gap is unattainable and poses the possibility of a catastrophic future that endangers the health and safety of language minority patients, the financial stability of healthcare facilities, and the overall quality of care in our ever-diversifying, multi-cultural country.

Access the PDF here

On his blog, Provenzano has implored the community to band together to address these issues. To read Language Time, the blog written by Provenzano courtesy of Certified Medical Interpreters, LLC, click here