Canopy Translator

Download the mobile app to communicate quickly and effectively with patients who have limited English proficiency.


1. Medical Phrase Book: Thousands of pre-translated medical phrases in any language.  Phrases are professionally translated, and are shown in text and played in audio.
2. Telephone Interpreter Call Button: For more sensitive or complex conversations, call an interpreter directly from the app using WiFi or mobile signal. Information such as access code, MRN, language needed, provider name, and interpreter ID can be automatically transmitted to enable quicker access.



Canopy Learn

Mobile and web learning exercises help healthcare providers choose and learn phrases specific to their daily routines.  Learn on your own, or offer the course at your institution.


1. Our unique approach to teaching medical Spanish has been evaluated and proven effective through studies funded by the National Institutes of Health.
2. Certificate of completion will be awarded for each level of learning, with CME, CNE, and school credit available.



National Certification for Bilingual Healthcare Providers


Canopy powers the National Certification for Bilingual Healthcare Providers (NCBHP) exams to assess the proficiency of physicians, nurses, physician assistants and other clinicians to work with patients in a foreign language.  NCBHP administers testing, awards certification, and maintains a national database of certified bilingual healthcare clinicians.

It Serves:
1. Healthcare providers who wish to document their ability to effectively work with patients in a language other than English.
2. Healthcare administrators who want to reduce risks and create culturally sensitive workforces by verifying the language proficiencies of dual-role staff who interpret for patients with limited English proficiency.