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Canopy’s medical Spanish course was developed with innovation grant awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The course teaches specialized medical concepts and terminology across a wide spectrum of commonly-encountered clinical scenarios. It enables providers to establish a rapport with their Spanish-speaking patients, utilizing essential conversation skills to eliminate communication friction with Spanish-speaking patients.  Clarity and mutual understanding in patient-provider communication are absolute imperatives in providing great patient care.


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Validated Methodology

Curriculum developed through a research-validated pedagogy, called Authentic Context Tutoring (ACT). This methodology revolves around three primary components—acquisition, reinforcement and application—and is designed to closely mimic the experience of studying a foreign language with a private tutor, who guides the learner from acquiring new linguistic and cultural knowledge, to reinforcing retention, and to ultimately becoming able to apply that knowledge in real-life situations.



Accessible & Convenient

It’s online and self-paced! With a modular lesson design, you can take the course at your own pace (as opposed to classroom or tutor-based instruction) allowing flexibility for busy practitioner schedules. Relevant for all proficiency levels: with three progressive course levels, it’s appropriate for beginners to heritage Spanish-speakers.


Interactive Mix of Activities

Reading, writing, listening, and speaking exercises

Instantaneous feedback and corrections upon submitting answers

Carefully designed role play exercises — an immersive way to apply skills and produce speech, which is critical for solidifying newly acquired linguistic abilities!


Rich Media & Telenovela

Canopy's video lessons and custom written and produced Telenovela focus on on the most common practitioner-patient interactions, demonstrating the authentic context in which medical Spanish is actually used. It’s a must-see!

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canopy quest

Mobile Companion App

Canopy Quest is a mobile companion application to Canopy Learn. Quest is a second-language acquisition tool that supports on-the-go learning and places a strong emphasis on listen comprehension and speech production. Navigate through patient-provider scenarios with a retro, game-like interface. A series of interactive role-play activities allow you to practice your listening, reading, writing, speaking and vocabulary skills.

Completion of the program does not replace certified medical interpreters: seeking qualified interpretation aid is always a priority!